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i will wait, until every flower dies
my darling
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8th-May-2036 02:42 am(no subject)
~.it may be easier to hate but it's more rewarding to love.~
Title: Soulmate
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Pairing: Axel/Roxas
Rating: T (for now)
Summary: ongoing series of AkuRoku drabbles and ficlets (and a oneshot or two.)
Disclaimer: Nope I don't own anything.

Soulmate - The one person who can always make you smile, who shares your hopes and dreams, who makes you whole. Folklore claims that when a soul decends to earth it splits in two, each half of the soul inhabiting a seperate body. These two people are forever after 'soulmates,' and will never be complete until they find one another.

a series of ongoing drabbles and ficlets. this is were they will all be indexed

I. Somebody
II. How Do You Do?
III. Fireflies
IV. Crystal Ball
V. Taking Chances
28th-Sep-2011 10:54 am - Writer's Block: Internet addictions
Tumblr and Spill It Now. i used to be on facebook everyday but that got old.
Besides LJ, what websites are you always surfing?

7th-Jul-2011 11:22 pm - Life After Death - Alive Again Pt. 1
Title: Life After Death - Alive Again Pt. 1
Author: afterall89
Rating: R (currently)
Pairing: Roxas/Axel (there will be others later)
Summary: My name is Sora this is the story of my afterlife.
Disclaimer: I own nothing

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7th-Jul-2011 11:02 pm - Life After Death - Prologue
Title: Life After Death - Prologue
Author: afterall89
Rating: R (currently)
Pairing: None in the chapter
Summary: My name is Sora this is the story of my afterlife.

have you ever thought about your own funeral?Collapse )
21st-Jun-2011 09:05 am - Kingdom Hearts [4 tha hell of it]

and say hello to my Tumblr
stop by some time
14th-Jun-2011 11:18 pm - Today The Sun's On Us
Title: Today The Sun's On Us
Pairing: Roxas/Axel
Rating: G-like
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Summary: “Yeah, it could start raining in the next few minutes. There could be a tidal wave heading straight for us,” Axel says. “But right now,” Axel grips Roxas’ hand tighter. “Right now is perfect.”

what will come will come...Collapse )
27th-May-2011 10:03 am - Writer's Block: Fast-food TV
Are there any dreadfully bad TV shows that you wouldn't want your friends to know you watch? Confess! (This is LiveJournal, where we love you unconditionally.)

i think the majority of t.v. is dreadfully - like the creators should burn in the ninth circle for pushing vile shit like that on the innocent public - bad. i dislike t.v. i watch very few shows and actually enjoy even fewer.

i don't really care if my friends or anyone else would consider the shows i watch bad. it's so stupid to be ashamed of stuff that you like. i mean if your ashamed of it and hide it you must not like it that much.
27th-May-2011 12:34 am(no subject)
I’m not that typical baby
I’m a bad kid like my Mom and Dad made me
I’m not that cool and you hate me
I’m a bad kid
that’s the way that they made me
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