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i will wait, until every flower dies

my darling

26 March 1991
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i love music. i would die without it. i like pop, rock, punk, symphonic metal...basically i'll give anything a try and i'll usually like it. i hate rap, i do not consider it music i do not consider it talent. it is fast talking and it's all about sex and dropping as many brand names as you can within three minuets. anyways here's an abbreviated list of artist that i love/like.

Lady GaGa - seriously this bitch rules my life. from the time i first heard just dance and constantly searched and thrived on demos leaks, waiting for the fame to leak the night it was released in canada, she just stole my heart. i don't go a day without listening to her, i think i would die without her now, she made me love music again. and convinced me that there are artist that still make awesome pop music and she proved you don't have to sell out or conform to be successful. i fucking love her and if you don't, or just hate or her, the fuck off right now.

McFly - a british band and all the guys are smokin' need there be more said? radio:active has to be one of my all time favorite albums ever.

Madonna - that is all.

Kylie Minogue - an australian vixen who i adore. i fell hard after seeing the showgirl tour, it only took the opening bars of better the devil your know for me to decided i fucking loved this woman. while fever and can't get you out of her head are her bestselling album and single (respectively) they actually don't rank high on my list of favorite albums and songs. i prefer impossible princess and X while love at first sight is my favorite song ever.

All Time Low
Lacuna Coil
Shania Twain
Dannii Minogue
Kelly Clarkson
The Veronicas
Savage Garden
Darren Hays
Delta Goodrem
Elliot Minor
Miley Cyrus
Selena Gomez & The Scene
Cyndi Lauper
Christina Aguilera
Britney Spears
Boys Like Girls
Billie Piper
Avril Lavigne
David Bowie

i'm not big on tv, it sucks honestly. there are very, very, very, very few good and original shows on. and most of it is all 'reality show' filled with grade A douchebags, prime examples would be the hills and for the love of r-jay (he's a fucking pig and a z-list 'singer' holding onto sex tape fame.) but here are the few shows i do like.

Doctor Who
Supernatural (fucking awesome.)
Dead Like Me (un-justly canceled)
Secret Diary of A Call Girl
Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (the only one out of the series i actually like)
Hannah Montana (i do not fucking care, i like miley and this show is awesome)

i like movie far more than tv. i like a good many and own a few too (100+). i also tend to favor musicals. here's a list of some of my favorites.

Mamma Mia! (it's ABBA, in musical form!)
Across the Universe (despite the fact i don't actually listen to the beatles i really liked this movie.)
Moulin Rouge (i love every single thing about this movie.)
Resident Evil; Apocalypse; Extinction (i love these movies and there's a forth in the works, i squealed like a fangirl when i read that.)
Twilight (i loved the books and i loved the movie. real fans can appreciate both and don't switch 'teams' just because jacob is hot in new moon. i don't even think the majority of the fanbase even knows there are books however.)

Video Games:
i'm not really a big gamer but i can be an ubber geek about some.

Pokemon (i've owned every single game in the series at some point, but never complete a single pokedex XD. i love these games, love, love, love them. i wish the creatures were real, i honestly do, i'd love to have me a ninetails and the eevee family tree.)
Kingdom Hearts (recently discovered my love for this one and i'm already in the slash communities XD)
The Legend of Zelda Series; Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess in particular (sheik is a man and his own person. i don't care what your cannon says. + he's just beyond epically awesome. i don't get why they're called the legend of zelda though, i mean what does the princess really do? nothing. she gets kidnapped and held hostage in like every game. link is the only reason hyrule doesn't like implode. + link is a sexy elf.)
Guitar Hero/Rock Band
Dance Dance Revolution

i don't read much, except online ;p but i do keep a few books on my night stand the i like.

Twilight (hell yeah)
New Moon
The Host
The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud
Diary of an Unlikely Call Girl (i have the american published version)
Confessions of a Shopaholic
Blue Bloods

Other: random crap

Sailor Moon - fucking love this series. manga and anime both, though the dubbed series does suck esp. the bic dub. i was a total senshi geek. my walls were plastered with print offs and i owned the toys.

Spirited Away - an absolutely epic anime movies. it was recommended to me and i loved it.

well that's about it. if there's anything we have in common add me or drop me a line.


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